About Jenny Richardson AKA Classy Creeps

Hello there boils and ghouls, it's your new pal Jenny, AKA Classy Creeps here just dying to share my art with you! A little about myself; I was born in The Great White North, also known as Canada! But I've made the United States my new humble abode. My love for all things spooky began the day I crept into this world, which happens to have been on Halloween! I most often find myself visiting the past to feed my creativity, and am heavily inspired by classic B&W horror films, midnight creature features, exploitation films (the weirder, the better), glamour hammer babes, vintage horror/pulp comics, and of course, grandpa's classic smut magazines filled with all those bewitching nudie cuties.

I've created creepy things since I was a young ghoul, but I made the leap to turn my passion into my career in 2017, when I founded the Classy Creeps brand. I've been working on growing it ever since, and also partnered with my husband Justin and co-founded a sub-brand called GrindHausu in 2022, which you should check out if you're cinema obsessed like we are!

My art mainly consists of vibrantly colored retro monster babes drawn in a style influenced by my favorite vintage horror comics and pop art. I create most of my art digitally, but I enjoy working traditionally from time to time as well. 

I've gotten some amazing opportunities to work with really cool brands and people over the years! Ariana Grande, Netflix, Hulu, Rue Morgue Magazine and Campout Magazine to name a few, which were absolute highlights in my career so far.

I feel just as proud and at my happiest creating art for everyday ghouls who have creepy ideas waiting to see come to life! 
If you'd like to get your creeper peepers on more of my art, the best place to find me is on instagram @classycreeps. If you have an idea you want brought to life from the dead for personal use or your brand, gimme a shout! 

Well, thanks for reading, creep it classy!